Thursday, July 18, 2013

April 2013

  • General Conference weekend - Spencer, Bria, Brolin and Sarah all came to visit
  • I turned 27!
  • Chaperoning stake dances has been fun.
  • Brandon turned 4!
  • We went to Las Vegas for 5 days to spend some much needed time with Thomas's.  We miss them!
  • Skye was able to fly a trick plane/jet trainer (one of his bucket list items) in Vegas, thanks to Darin. To summarize the whole experience, the flight instructor said, "You missed your calling in life, you should have been a fighter pilot!"  I'm glad he is just a private pilot, but flying sure is his passion.
  • The boys enjoyed some "interesting" water fun in the middle of April (quite cold still...)
  • When brothers dress the baby, you never know what she'll end up wearing.

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