Saturday, January 26, 2013

Santa Barbara Trip - Reagan Library

Skye and I went to Santa Barbara for Skye's company Christmas party and had SO.MUCH.FUN! It was very beautiful and relaxing and great to finally meet some of Skye's co-workers and their spouses. We had two days with a few planned outings with Skye's work and then, we added two days on to our trip for fun.

Grandma was already planning to come back to Boise in December after her surgery in Texas and my mom was coming for Christmas, so lucky for us, it worked out for them to come a little earlier to watch the kids while we were in Cali!

We started our trip driving to the Reagan Library to meet up with everyone and take the tour. We both enjoyed it a ton! We learned a lot about the kind of man and leader Ronald Reagan was and we got to see Air Force One - Skye was in heaven, for sure!!

Outside the Reagan Library
TEXAS, haha!
We tested out our teleprompter skills...

This replication of the Oval Office was really neat. When they were building this portion of the library, former Pres. Reagan insisted that it be an exact replication of the Oval Office that her knew. The ceiling was not tall enough and could not be adjusted, so Reagan had them lower the floor to have the dimensions be exact. The tour guides talked about how President Reagan always treated the oval office with respect and believed in keeping his suit coat on whenever he was in there. 
Check out that view with the wall of windows right by Air Force One
Our Presidential wave after just stepping off Air Force One.....well, pretend we're just coming off. They wouldn't let you take pictures anywhere close to the inside of it, but it was incredible to see how things looked and worked on the inside!!
And, last one of the Reagan Library...they had an amazing Christmas tree display, with a tree representing the United State in each decade from it's beginning to today. I loved the 1940's tree and all that it stood for. 

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