Saturday, January 26, 2013

Santa Barbara Trip - Part 3

Walking on the beach after breakfast. Our hotel had a bowl full of fresh apples in the lobby every day, so I took one with me most days, as you can see in my jacket pocket below. :)
We went on a hike and found the most wonderful views looking over the city and the ocean. Santa Barbara is a neat place with both the mountains and the ocean in such close proximity.

Halfway point of our hike...spotting the ocean.

Skye doesn't like to stay on trails. He tends to want to hike up any rock he finds. 
It turned out to be a good thing because we got to see this!

I was a little scared to climb to the tip of the rock, but felt like I was on top of the world.
We took in the view for quite a while...

After our hike, we visited the Santa Barbara Presidio and learned a lot of history about the area. Then, we ate some yummy Mexican food, shopped a bit, and headed to the movie Lincoln. We joked that between the Reagan Library, the Presidio, and Lincoln, we learned a lot of history on this trip.
We walked down Stearns Wharf to get some dinner.
Grandma recommended this restaurant and it didn't disappoint. I have to say that my favorite part was our Macadamia Mudd Pie dessert!
On our last day, we checked out the Santa Barbara Courthouse and the architecture and landscape was so incredible!

Our last meal of our trip before heading to the airport. We tallied our seafood intake (I've been trying to branch out, since I only just entered the seafood arena in the last few years) and between the two of us we ate salmon, shrimp, swordfish, black cod, scallops, and calamari. Such a great trip! 


  1. SO fun! Becca you are beautiful my dear! And your hair looks awesome in all these pictures! NOW MOVE CLOSER TO ME SISSY!!!! :)

  2. Thanks sissy! You're the sweetest! It was fun looking back at all of these pictures. We had a blast there! And, you and Sheyanne, are my inspirations for trying out new hair do's and styles, slowly but surely! haha! And, you need to move closer to ME!