Saturday, January 26, 2013

Santa Barbara Trip - Part 2

After we got back to Santa Barbara from the Reagan Library, we checked into our hotel. The hotel was RIGHT ON THE BEACH and I was soooo excited because I LOVE the beach. I had to put that in all caps. Just ask Skye, I get giddy when I see the ocean and I like to say, "I'M SO HAPPY" every five seconds. Anyway, our room was NOT an ocean view room and I kind of prodded Skye when they told us that; he asked how much it would be to upgrade and it was super expensive, but they said they could give us a partial ocean view, if one was available, but that it wouldn't guarantee we could see more than a sliver of the ocean. We took it and it was dark at the time, so in the morning I took a picture because I felt like we hit the jackpot with this view! I don't know what piece of this ocean view is "partial", but no complaining here!

Breakfast on the beach...
I had the yummiest banana pancakes ever! I can taste them right now....sooo good!

We toured a vineyard that Skye's company owns outside Santa Maria and then, ate some lunch in Los Olivos. 
Wine Country
I convinced Skye that we needed to try every flavor of cupcake :)

After lunch, we went to the cutest, little Danish town called Solvang. Sarah and I went to Santa Barbara when we were little and loved visiting Solvang, so I wanted to take Skye there!

The amazing hats we bought Bryce and Brandon, which they have already put to good use. I'm still regretting that we didn't get the girl viking hat with the fake braids for Marion. :(
LOVE all the windmills

Ordering some pastries that we saved for breakfast the next day because we were so full.

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