Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ice Skating....Twice

Skye was going skating as a leader for church youth night, so we decided to tag along and make it a family event. Spencer and my dad came along, too. Bryce and Brandon really got the hang of ice skating after this past fall and now winter, since we've gone a few times. They don't like holding on to the walker things anymore. Brandon is more careful and cautious, while Bryce is always full speed ahead. This means Bryce is faster, but falls a LOT more.  

Skye loves these boys. They have a lot of fun together.

They only had pink skates left in Brandon's size. He didn't want them at first, but changed his mind once we told him that the pink skates were faster!

Ice Skating.....take two

After Christmas, when most of the family left, Spencer and Sam were still here, and since Sam hadn't gone skating with us, we decided to go again! 

Bryce and Brandon were disappointed that they didn't get the fast, pink skates ;)

Skating all on their own :)
My little bros with Brandon
Me and Spencey!
We had fun showing each other our tricks. Unfortunately, they were not quite captured on camera. 
Spencer and Sam doing their show....
My skills from my BYU figure skating class. Haha! Yes, I really took it.
Bryce's new trick
and, our train!
I think this picture is my favorite! Doing the train, ha!

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