Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hiking with Spencer and Nona

A couple of weeks before Christmas, my family started trickling into Boise. Mom and Grandma came first; then, after Skye and I got back from California, Spencer was at our house. He drove over with some friends from BYU-Idaho. Then, Dad flew in a few days later. Then, finally Sam, Sarah, and Brolin joined us (Justin and Rachel couldn't make it).

When it was just Spencer and Mom here, Bryce and Brandon wanted to wrestle and play with Spencer non-stop. Spencer is a great uncle and played a lot with then, but to relieve him a bit, we decided we wanted to get outside and go do something. It was cold outside, but really sunny, so we picked a hike. It was beautiful and a good energy burner! The boys just took off when we got on the trail. 

I'd say Spencer's camera beats my phone's picture quality.

My scarf was a hit. It has pockets that are probably just for looks, but they actually came in handy on this hike!
Beautiful mama!
They ran and ran....

...and climbed every rock they saw. The boys refuse to give up these aviation jackets that are now becoming belly jackets. My mom and dad bought them at a gas station when we were on a road trip together a couple of years ago and the boys love to wear them. go figure.
Me and my mama!
Spencer and Mom
We found a good spot for our picnic

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