Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fun with Nona and Grandma

While we were gone, Bryce, Brandon, and Marion had a great time going to the park, taking walks, riding bikes, eating at DQ, etc. 

My mom mostly took the boys out, while Grandma and Marion got reacquainted. It was kind of funny because Grandma said that Marion preferred my mom over her. She said Marion would scream and reach for my mom when she was in the same room as her. I thought it might have been the opposite, since Marion knew Grandma from birth to 7 months and Mom has dark hair and looks so different from me, but I guess coming back when Marion was in the thick of the stranger danger phase had a downside for Grandma, ha! Not sure how Mom got the pass. No worries, though, Grandma and Marion have since re-kindled their bond. :) 

Also, while we were gone, Spencer came into town!

Going out to eat 

They made holiday cupcakes to take to our neighbors. Poor Brandon in this picture with chocolate on his face and his eyes closed; at least he looks like a true elf with his hat over his ears, ha! 

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  1. OH MY GOSH! Brandon the elf! hahahaha These are my favorite little boys in the whole world!! :) Love them.