Monday, January 28, 2013

First Snow Day of the Season and SANTA!

This is the day that I won the best mom ever award and the worst housekeeper/wifey award. I had so many chores around the house and to-do's that I just had to get done, but I dropped them all and played in the snow. If I would have known that this winter was going to bring lots of snow and that it was going to stick around FOREVER (like it is right now), then I might have not been so quick to drop everything to play. But, it was a great day of fun!  
Marion's first time in the snow
not so tasty?
well, maybe one more try...

Mmmmmm it's pretty good. 
We went for a walk the Saturday before our snow day and ran across these sleds below with a sign that said, "Take me home please. :)" The timing couldn't have worked out more perfectly. 
Putting the sleds to good use. These kids were in heaven. I got SO tired pulling these two around. It was a great workout!
Fun in the snow!

The boys loved their hot chocolate and marshmallow snowmen. It's nice that they're still at an age where they get so excited about the little things. 
This same day, we went to see Santa! (see what I mean? day ever!) The boys didn't really have a list of what they want and were kind of shy, so they didn't say much about what they wanted. Santa told them to just go home and draw a picture of what they wanted and circle in three times and then, he'll know. ;)

Marion tried to be strong...
...but broke down. haha! :)

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