Sunday, January 20, 2013

Burns Turkey Bowl

We went to Burns for Thanksgiving and started our day with the some turkey bowl football. I took the kids to mess around, while Skye played football. 
I'd say there was a good turnout and it's always good to see friends. Ty and Heather were in town for Thanksgiving, too, so Ty came out to play football. 
Running and rolling down this hill was the kids highlight, and they could have done it all day.

Oh, Shaylee...showing off her splits in this video. haha!
I'm pretty sure Mason had the most fun. He discovered this great puddle and within minutes was soaked and happy. He would line up and say, "Ready. Set. GO!" and then, run and jump/dive/splash in the puddle. :) The only bad part was that it was freezing outside and I had to strip him before putting him in the car to go home; he wasn't too happy about that! We love our cousin, Mason!

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