Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ice Skating....Twice

Skye was going skating as a leader for church youth night, so we decided to tag along and make it a family event. Spencer and my dad came along, too. Bryce and Brandon really got the hang of ice skating after this past fall and now winter, since we've gone a few times. They don't like holding on to the walker things anymore. Brandon is more careful and cautious, while Bryce is always full speed ahead. This means Bryce is faster, but falls a LOT more.  

Skye loves these boys. They have a lot of fun together.

They only had pink skates left in Brandon's size. He didn't want them at first, but changed his mind once we told him that the pink skates were faster!

Ice Skating.....take two

After Christmas, when most of the family left, Spencer and Sam were still here, and since Sam hadn't gone skating with us, we decided to go again! 

Bryce and Brandon were disappointed that they didn't get the fast, pink skates ;)

Skating all on their own :)
My little bros with Brandon
Me and Spencey!
We had fun showing each other our tricks. Unfortunately, they were not quite captured on camera. 
Spencer and Sam doing their show....
My skills from my BYU figure skating class. Haha! Yes, I really took it.
Bryce's new trick
and, our train!
I think this picture is my favorite! Doing the train, ha!

Hiking with Spencer and Nona

A couple of weeks before Christmas, my family started trickling into Boise. Mom and Grandma came first; then, after Skye and I got back from California, Spencer was at our house. He drove over with some friends from BYU-Idaho. Then, Dad flew in a few days later. Then, finally Sam, Sarah, and Brolin joined us (Justin and Rachel couldn't make it).

When it was just Spencer and Mom here, Bryce and Brandon wanted to wrestle and play with Spencer non-stop. Spencer is a great uncle and played a lot with then, but to relieve him a bit, we decided we wanted to get outside and go do something. It was cold outside, but really sunny, so we picked a hike. It was beautiful and a good energy burner! The boys just took off when we got on the trail. 

I'd say Spencer's camera beats my phone's picture quality.

My scarf was a hit. It has pockets that are probably just for looks, but they actually came in handy on this hike!
Beautiful mama!
They ran and ran....

...and climbed every rock they saw. The boys refuse to give up these aviation jackets that are now becoming belly jackets. My mom and dad bought them at a gas station when we were on a road trip together a couple of years ago and the boys love to wear them. go figure.
Me and my mama!
Spencer and Mom
We found a good spot for our picnic

Monday, January 28, 2013

Preschool Field Trip - Fire Station

 Bryce loves Miss Cheri's preschool! I'm glad Bryce gets his own time away from home and from his brother to prepare them both for Bryce going to kindergarten next fall.

We had a fun time back in November touring the fire station.

 Brandon, Marion, and I tagged along for the field trip.

Around the house

Marion was going down for a nap and was fussing a bit. Then, she went quiet....and so did Brandon...

Marion and Brandon came with me for my Remicade appointment. The nurses gave them these cute bears and one to take home for Bryce, too. My friend, Stephanie, came to pick up Marion, but Brandon stayed with me for the whole appointment and it was our little date. He was happy with all of his little snacks and we watched Arthur Christmas.
Going for walks. I want to document a little "tradition" the boys started with our nice neighbor. We have a bike rule that the boys need to stay within one house on either side of us, as I'm taking groceries in or going in and out of the house checking on Marion or whatever it may be. Anyway, one day as the boys were riding back and forth on their little route, I realized that they were taking a while to get back to our house from one of our neighbors houses. I peaked over and saw them at the neighbor's door, instead of just turning around in the neighbor's driveway. I told the boys, "Don't bother our neighbor". Bryce said, "Oh, mom, we're not bothering him. We just bang on the door and ring the doorbell until he answers, and then, he gives us chocolate." Haha! Now, this could sound pretty creepy, but we live on a really nice street and know all of our neighbors really well. It was so funny. Apparently, this had been going on for a week or so and I had no idea. Then, it became the tradition and our sweet neighbor would leave his door open when he was home, so we would know it was a good time to come get our piece of chocolate. We'd stop by on our way to preschool or on our way back most days. I'd say we were pretty consistent visiting him in the fall and early winter.   
Little Miss Marion
Package from Grandma Jana!
My little gingerbread princess discovering her bracelet...
Three across at Costco. We love Costco Saturdays....crazy busy, but we just love those samples. :)