Saturday, November 10, 2012

We Miss Grandma!

Grandma left us to go to Texas on October 10th, so that she could have surgery on her hip. Boo :( She is recovering well, but we sure miss her! She will be coming back to us in December. 

She left just after a week of me being a new stay-at-home about ripping off the band-aid. She left me on my own with three kids! haha! I've had to cook ALL the meals, do ALL the dishes, and do ALL the laundry...wait, is this what normal moms do? haha! yes, I'm loved (spoiled) and grateful to have my grandma live with me and be the second mom to my kids and to me. Get better Granny! And come back soon!!!

We joke about grandma having to take her blood. Even though she does it every morning and night, she still says "ow" every time.

Grandma's the best at drying between the toes. Don't worry, Grandma, the boys have reminded me to do it and have told me that I don't do it the right way when I try to just pat their feet. ha!
This little one will be excited to see you and show off all her new tricks. 
Grandma helping out when mom says to eat all your food and you "need help".

Grandma gave me special instructions to carry out with Marion to continue her routines she had started, as she had been watching Marion for us until I quit work. She said to tell her every day where her nose, eyes, ears, mouth, and toes are. Also, it was new to me, but she said Marion and her had names for her stuffed animals and not to forget them. 

Meet La Chat, Billy Bluegum, and Peter Cottontail:

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