Thursday, November 8, 2012

Utah Trip

Skye had a conference in Utah for the BYU Management Society in early October. We decided to make it a family trip and to see some friends. We saw some gorgeous views as we were dropping Skye off at his first meeting. Fall in Utah...

Our first stop was to see the Woodard's and Eliza and Wesley! I told the boys to make a funny face and to Wesley that meant to put his chocolate milk on his face. :) haha!
I love this beautiful girl! It had been two years since we'd gotten together. 
And, I hope she doesn't mind me writing this, but she had just gotten done shooting a commercial! How cool is that? She just thought it would be fun. She's also taking guitar classes. She always has her hand in something new and exciting.
Best friends....grandma and Anne.

When Skye's conference was over for the night, we picked him up and met up with Brittany on her run around campus. She is pregnant with a baby girl! So fun! 
The boys decided to crawl around as we were talking with Brittany and we made them stop for two seconds to snap a picture of them in "our" building.

We stayed the night with the Thomas family (Skye's best friend Darin's parents) and didn't take any pictures with them, but they spoiled us with nachos for dinner and chocolate cake. Their house is awesome for little kids and even has a kids playhouse built in to their house. We had a great time being with them and I think we might just adopt them as another set of grandparents for our kids.  Sister Thomas was amazing with our energetic boys!

The next morning we met up with Trish!!! We braved campus with my three tired kids and it was an experience. Bryce and Brandon were constantly wrestling and throwing merchandise, while I was determined to get us hats, shirts, and a cheerleading outfit for Marion (Halloween pics to come). 

Somehow Brandon ended up in the stroller to aid me in trying to keep my kids corralled. Wearing his nice, new hat... 

Skye took a little break from his conference to meet us on campus.
This might sound cliche, but 4.5 year have passed since Skye and I left this place to set out on our life's journey together.  We met here, dated here, were married here, struggled through school here, graduated from here, and even had our first-born right here in Provo.  Our BYU experience was awesome and looking at this impromptu picture of our little family next to the "Wilk" with the famous "Y" in the background causes me to express gratitude for the experience.  Too many memories to count....  
Before we headed out of Provo we were able to grab a bite with another great friend from college days who is about to be married....congrats Caisa!  
While we don't have any pictures, after a two year sabbatical, we were able to attend Skye's annual mission reunion in Bountiful with President and Sister Nielsen.  We love them and are always so happy to see them!  The boys weren't too into the socializing, but there were at least some other kids to play with.  

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  1. OH MY GOSH!!! I cannot even look at pictures of y'all without wishing I was with you!!! Y'all even make me want kids.... for a moment, then I'm back to normal! LOVE Y'ALL SO MUCH