Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Scout Party to Remember

Skye is the scoutmaster in our ward at church and rather than head to the woods in September, we had the scouts over for a college football party and sleepover (the irony is that we didn't watch any football on TV). It started out with lots of junk food, laughing, and fun. 

 The fun continued with a few smoke bombs and football. 
 Then, capture the flag started. The fun tone changed to one of panic, as one of the scouts ran full speed into one of our tall sprinkler heads in the backyard and fell to the ground with a "hurt" leg. Skye and the other leader were already outside when it happened, but I came out a little later when some of the boys came in the house wide-eyed asking for towels. Apparently, the "hurt" leg was more of a gash-to-the-bone kind of a wound. Within a matter of a minutes, a prayer was said, a blessing was given, Gerrin's leg was wrapped tight, and he was lifted into the back of our car to head to the hospital.  
Skye and the other leader went to the hospital and made the other boys stay, even though they all wanted to go. So, they played the Wii and watched a movie, and were not going to go to sleep for fear of missing the play-by-play of what happened at the hospital.
Now for the wound picture...We got a call from Skye an hour or so later that Gerrin's leg wound was not bleeding excessively, so since there was not a worry about loss of blood, they had to wait in line at the ER. After a few more hours, Gerrin's leg was stitched back together. It's amazing what doctors can do! I would have never thought that huge, deep gash could clean up this well.  
He stayed positive the whole time.
When they finally returned home in the early hours of the morning, Skye showed the boys all the gory pictures he took of the open wound and each stage of the stitching. I have a feeling they will never forget this experience.

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