Saturday, November 10, 2012

Our Little Routine

We've been establishing our own routine and I wanted to document it before it changes again. Bryce is going to preschool at a house around the corner from us and he really enjoys it. The best part is that we get to walk and ride bikes there and back (so far, until wintertime). I love this routine. We also started Joy School with a few other moms from church and we rotate teaching. Bryce and Brandon both go and we have really enjoyed it. I started taking Marion to baby story time at the library during Joy school on the days that I'm not teaching. Also, Bryce is in a fun music class once a week that he loves.

Bryce is a huge bike rider. We got his bike at a garage sale for $5 about a year ago and it was the best money ever spent. It's pure torture to him, if he can't ride his bike. Ready for preschool!
Brandon usually rides his tricycle to drop Bryce off at preschool, but this day I made him get in the stroller because we were running late.
My little pumpkin!

On the way home from preschool, we had puddle splashing fun...

...all while little sister slept. I love those precious little hands. 
And, library story time pics. Right now, we just like staring and smiling at other kids...forget about that fuzzy pink thing in the front of the room.

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