Thursday, November 1, 2012

Just Like the Good Ol' Days....right?!

September 13th and 14th - My lovely college roommate and bestie, Whitney, came to Utah from South Carolina to visit her in-laws. And, we just had to meet up, since she was so close to me. We decided to meet in Pocatello with just us and kids and stay in a hotel room together and have one big party. Fun, right?! It was, but man oh man these little kids ran the show. This is what it looked like most of the time... 
open the hotel door and they're off to the races!
Ready to go swimming

After swimming, we ate popcorn and cookies and watched a few shows on TV. Then, we turned the TV off, had the lights out, and went to bed before too late to get the kids to sleep. And they did! 

The next morning, we enjoyed the continental breakfast with kids running here and there, wanting to stand on the chairs, getting their own glass of juice for the tenth time (without drinking the other nine) because you get to push a button, needing to go potty right when you sit down with all of the food or when the waffle is cooking, all while the babies are vocally letting you know that they want their mamas and their food right now. Good times.

I love this sequence of pictures of our girls. Marion and Leigh smiling. Leigh pulls Marion in a little closer. Marion falls on Leigh's lap. Leigh doesn't want Marion on her lap and pushes her away. haha!

We planned to go to the Zoo, but there was a park right next to it, so we decided to have the kids play there instead. It was a good choice, they enjoy running free. After playing at the park for a while, we went to Arctic Circle for lunch, and then, packed our kids in our cars and said good-bye. My kids fell asleep within minutes of being on the road. I called Whitney to see how her kids were doing. We ended up talking for a while and joked that it was our first good conversation of the trip. Well, we had lots of fun and it was well worth it to see Miss Whitney Leigh and meet each other's baby girls!

Sweet Alden

Future college roommates??

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