Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hunter's Wedding in Idaho Falls

One of the many perks of Skye's job is that he gets to set his own schedule and can work from mostly anywhere. We were heading over to Idaho Falls for Skye's cousin Hunter's wedding and decided to make it a work trip, too. We left the boys with our good friends (the Daniels) and just had a few days with us and Marion girl. 

We left Friday morning and started with a tour of a dairy near Twin Falls. I thought Marion and I would just sit around and wait while Skye did the business stuff, but that was not the case. The farmer who owned the dairy was so nice and told me to come along for the tour. It was huge and very impressive! 
What?? You don't think it's cool for me to have you pose for a picture on the job?
After the tour, it was time for the businessmen to go inside and talk deals. Marion and I were invited in the office, but opted to do a photo shoot on the lawn instead. ;)

For the afternoon, Skye had us pretty lined up with ranches to tour. Some tours were just drive-bys and one Skye had to go with a realtor, so Marion and I both took nice afternoon naps in the car. All-in-all, I had a great time tagging along and getting a glimpse of what Skye does for his job. 
We saw soooo many sugar beets on our drive. 
We ended our day in Rexburg, where we took Spencer out to dinner. He was in a test when we first arrived, so it worked out perfectly to go see Katie and her new baby!
Marion (7 months) and Makayla (6 weeks)  

Best friends with our babes

Hunter's wedding was beautiful and we were so happy to be a part of his special day! We love the Paramores and can tell that Chantelle is such a great addition to the family!
We headed back to Boise after the wedding and luncheon and saw some beautiful fall vistas on our drive home.

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