Thursday, November 1, 2012

Harney County Fair 2012

September 7th and 8th - We always love going home to Burns for Fair. We had good weather, rode carnival rides, ate fair food, had a BBQ, went to the rodeo,parade, and auction, and got to be with family. I even had two siblings there! Spencer worked for Skye's dad on the ranch for a couple of months between his semesters at BYU-I, so he was in Burns. And, Sarah and I get to see each other more often now that we only live a state apart and have in-laws in the same town!

Marion is so lucky to have a girl cousin so close in age to her. Baby Bostyn was a little over a month old at fair. We got to take a few pictures of the girlies together. Also, Marion cut her first tooth at fair (and got a second one a week later), so that was pretty exciting. It's nice to have a reward for all that chewing and slobbering she's been doing.

Skye with the cute Cary family
Rogers' kids in Burns, OR!
Bostyn and Marion
Kisses from Uncle Spencer
She loved the facial hair
They LOVED the rides

We had a nice BBQ at the Dunbar's before the auction. We enjoyed delicious food and amazing weather.


She got her first tooth! It's on the bottom, but I couldn't get a picture of it. I took this picture right after I felt it and we were both very excited (as you can tell)!
I tried to get a picture of the tooth, but Marion just wanted to feel it with her tongue. Haha!

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