Saturday, November 10, 2012

Conference Weekend

We planned to stay in Utah for conference weekend, but we got some sad news the week before conference that Skye's good friend, Jay Winn, died in a car accident and his funeral was the Saturday of Conference. We were so glad we were able to make it to Burns for it; the funeral was such a tribute to the great man that Jay was. 

Skye wrote a great tribute to Jay to all of our family members after hearing about the accident:


I firmly believe that God puts people in our lives at crucial points to assist us on the journey we call mortality.  One of those people for me was a man by the name of Jay Winn.  He was 35 yrs old, with five kids under the age of ten when a car accident took his life yesterday on his way back to work.  My best friends dad, Dennis Thomas, was my Bishop during the teenage years and he called Jay Winn to be our seminary teacher my senior year.  Jay didn't go on a mission until he was about 23, but when he returned at 25, quickly got married and ended up back in Burns, his powerful testimony of the gospel changed the lives of a group of kids as he brought to life the Book of Mormon for an entire year.  He was the first person to ever commit me to read the Book of Mormon, a book that has mapped the course of my life.  Many of the kids you all know from Burns, including Brolin, my siblings and some of my best friends, were tutored and taught by this great man.  He taught Jeremy Burke, on of my close friends, the missionary lessons and committed him to go on a mission 13 months after joining the church.  He was a redneck through and through, but he was never afraid to stand up for the church, its doctrines, and his testimony.  He will be missed greatly by his little family, the ward, and our community.  One of those deals where I trust God's plan but absolutely do not understand it at this moment.  

Please pray for Ali Winn and their five little children.

The burial site was peaceful and beautiful  

The very positive note of the weekend was getting these three together, along with many other friends and family.
On Sunday, we were back in Boise, and were able to watch conference with this cutie pie :)
Showing off her new outfit and bow from Nona!

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