Thursday, November 1, 2012

Can't Get Enough of Sister...

We really can't get enough of Marion girl around here. I wondered how Bryce and Brandon would be with her when she joined our family. They are so rough and tough and active. It had been three years since we had a new baby in our home and I knew we would have quite the transition to learn to be gentle and loving to baby girl. 

Well, I was wrong and have been so impressed (shocked) by how these boys have loved and cared for their little sis since day one. I haven't even had to watch out for them stepping on or pinching/poking her. I guess a three year gap really is different than our last gap of 14 1/2 months. ha! They love Marion to pieces and always want to hold her and make her laugh and know where she is. They have the cutest baby talk and help out a ton (like even watching baby while I shower).

A few months ago, Brandon came to me while Marion was taking a nap and excitedly said, "Mom, Marion's awake!" Ready to accuse him of waking baby after having watched him come from the direction of her room, I asked, "Well, Brandon, did you wake her up?" He replied very matter-of-factly, "No, mom. I just went into her room, turned on the lights, and her eyes were open!" Haha. Oh, Brandon. I had to stop answering his question of "Where's Marion?" whenever she's taking a nap.

Something similar happened with Bryce. I asked him to go listen at Marion's door to see if she was crying.  The next thing I heard was her laughing and I walked into this...lights on and Bryce in the crib with Marion! (Bryce has an extra cheesy smile on his face because this was the first time he broke my rule of no climbing into the baby crib....little sneaky boy)


You can't really see much in this picture except the top of heads, but it was a cute moment, for sure. We were all talking in Skye and my room, and I was sitting on the floor with Marion in my lap. I don't remember what we were talking about, but the boys all decided to kiss and blow raspberries on Marion and it was kind of funny seeing them all just come towards her, so I snapped a picture from above. I'm telling ya, we just can't resist her little cuteness.  ;)

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