Friday, November 2, 2012

BYU (and McKinney!) in Boise

September 19th - BYU Football came to Boise! The night before a football game, BYU gives a fireside in the area they are playing in for whoever would like to come. We were so excited to get to go to the fireside in Boise! I went straight from work and stood in line 2 hours early to get a good seat. Once they opened the doors to the church it was held at, the seats went so fast. The fireside was broadcast to about 12 other church buildings, I think. I got a seat in the back of the chapel right next to the door and Skye joined me with the boys and his scouts (he's the scoutmaster). We ended up having a perfect seat because the football players came in that door and we got to give high fives and shake hands. We heard from two players who were brothers and from Bronco, the coach. Bronco talked about the Book of Mormon and about the "Game of Life". We even got to see a familiar face, Brandon Ogletree! It was so fun getting to say hi to him.    
September 20th - The next day was the game. We went to the stadium for some BYU tailgating and crashed our BSU friends' yummy BBQ! Then, we went home to watch the game.
GO BYU!!!! (no need to talk about the score)

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