Friday, November 16, 2012

Boise Temple Open House

The Boise Temple has been closed since last year in June for renovations and it is finally getting re-dedicated  this weekend. For the past month, the temple has been open to the public for tours; Skye even got to be a tour guide for a few groups.

We have been able to go a few times with friends and family, and have enjoyed the beauty and peace of the temple.  Being able to take our own kids through was probably our favorite part. This past year plus of having the temple shut-down has reminded us how very blessed we are to have a temple so close to us! I'm thankful for the covenants we make in the temple and the effect they have on me and my family.

Our trip with the primary kids...

We went with Uncle Craig and Aunt Teri and Adam and Cyrus. They took this picture of us. (We should have take one of them. ;/ we also took Shelby and Cody another day, but didn't take pictures of them, either)...
A whole crew came from Burns :)
(Some of ) the siblings
So happy to go through with family

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