Saturday, November 10, 2012

Being Home

I feel so lucky to have the chance to be home with my kids! It's been such a fun adjustment for our whole family. I love the little quotes I hear and the spontaneous moments throughout the day to get a hug or kiss, to read a book to my kids, to make cookies together, to sing and dance, oh, and there's also those spontaneous moments of fighting and yelling and "you're a stupid mom!", but no need to dwell on that ;)

A few quotes worth recording:
  • We were in the car talking about twins and how that means you have two babies at one time and Bryce said, "Well, maybe you'll have 101 babies in one day, if you eat your vegetables."
  • Bryce hit Brandon while we were all playing outside. I turned to Bryce to get him to apologize and said, "Bryce, what do you owe Brandon?" Without hesitating, Bryce said, "A dollar."
  • Brandon went to the Boise Temple Open House with Skye. After coming home, he tells me, "I already ate one candy and Dad told me to get a candy for the road, but the road doesn't have a mouth, so I ate it!"
  • On a serious note, Bryce spontaneously bore his testimony to me after we read the scriptures at night before bed and I wanted to record his sweet words. He said, "I know that Heavenly Father loves everyone in the whole world and on every planet. He even loves you (talking to me...hmmmm... :). Even though we don't see Jesus, he's in our hearts and we feel him." Love you Brycie Boy!

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