Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Blogging Again...

It's been a while since I've blogged, so I have a lot of posts I've been working on to catch up. I'm going to skip the summer for now, since it's already November tomorrow! ;/ Hopefully, I'll come back later and fill that in (but most likely I won't). I've been wanting to blog for a while, but then I get really behind and feel like I can't "catch up". I decided I just need to do it because I want to capture all that's going on in our lives right now. I feel like we are at a fun stage with two active preschoolers, Skye enjoying his job, me quitting my day job(!), and, of course, having a little princess around. We're all OBSESSED with Miss Marion, and you'll be able to tell by how many pictures (and posts) involve her.

8/27 Marion starting to sit up on her own at 5 1/2 months
 8/31 Ice Skating with our boys (while Grandma watched Marion at home)

Brandon was definitely the nervous one :)

 9/1 Our friends moved in down the street, so Skye drove our lawn mower over to cut their grass. Their son, Spencer, came home with us for the afternoon and enjoyed the ride. The boys LOVE riding with dad.
9/1 Our sweet baby girl who has preferred to hold her own bottle from a young age...

 9/3 Memorial Day - Fish and Chips Fry
 What a fun group of kids!

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