Thursday, June 28, 2012

Skye's New Job

About five months ago, Skye accepted a new position as a Regional Investment Manager for a company called Westchester Group Investment Management.  The company is an agricultural asset management firm that buys and manages farmland throughout the world.  Skye was hired to assume responsibility of an existing portfolio of farms in the PNW (Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Northern California) and to acquire farmland within his region.  He loves the new job and is definitely in his element.  He opened a new office for the company here in Boise and the boys LOVE to come to dad's office and draw on the dry erase board and color pictures at his table.  Dad's desk/computer is off limits....  The best part about Skye's new office is that it's only two miles from our house! We love the convenience of this; he even comes home for lunch most days (which, right now, means having lunch with Grandma and Marion). Back in March, when I had just returned from the hospital with Marion, he took the boys to his office for the afternoon and this was the eventual result.  

Skye took the second level of the CFA exams a few weeks ago.  The boys were fascinated by the white board in Skye's office (and a little bitter they couldn't touch it).  The entire board was covered with formulas and equations to help him on the exam.  Here is one-third of the material he had on the board:

We have loved Skye's new job for many reasons, but I think one of my favorites is the food! One of Skye's industry contacts provided us with some colorful, yummy potatoes.  And, we are going to pick cherries in a week at one of the orchards. Some of the other crops include apples, pecans, almonds, oranges, grapes, wheat, basil, etc.

 Another part of Skye's job has included flying around the PNW in various small planes (which he LOVES). On one particular trip, he happened to fly quite close to one of his dad's big hay farms.  I think this is the edge of Harney Lake near what they call Leather's.  

An example of the "assets" he is analyzing and acquiring. 

I am so glad he found this job because it meshes his education, prior work experience and farming upbringing into one position where he can excel and be very happy doing so.  It has been a real blessing to him and our family.

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