Friday, June 29, 2012

Sarah and Brolin Johnson

On April 13th my sister Sarah and her husband Brolin were married in the Portland Oregon Temple.  It was a full weekend, but very uplifting.  Most of all, it was great to spend time with family and friends.  Brolin is from Burns, which is where Skye is from, so there were a lot of familiar faces throughout the weekend.  Skye grew up with Brolin and we all know the family well, which made it even more special.  There were some great pictures taken over the course of the weekend.  This posting captures the wedding day!

With the grandparents from our side of the family
Our boys were pretty enamored by their Auntie Sarah - especially Bryce! 

The sun shined nearly all day, which is quite a blessing considering they were married in Portland, Oregon on a spring day.  It was a beautiful day!
The boys...

The girls...

Aunt Connie was our lifesaver with baby girl (Marion was exactly one month old on the wedding day).  Marion really took to Connie and I think the opposite was also true. 
Getting ready for the sealing.
My boys all dressed up for the special occasion
The little guys could only take so much "wedding" preparation.  Skye's i-phone did the trick of distracting them while everyone else was getting ready.
Playing in the rain...
Sabrina took pictures as they came out of the temple.  I love how all of my brothers look so serious in this picture below and Sabrina was the only one smiling.
The happy couple.  We are so proud of them and happy for them!

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