Thursday, June 28, 2012

Marion Elizabeth - Namesake

Our sweet Marion is named after Skye's maternal Grandma, Marion Blair Hoyt.  She was a pillar of a woman and it is an honor to name our daughter in her memory.  Below is our baby girl with some of Grandma Hoyt's most prized possessions such as her pearls, rings and scriptures.  Her posterity was by far her most important focus. We wish she were here today to hold her great granddaughter.  

Marion also shares a middle name with my sister, Sarah Elizabeth.  Sarah holds a special place in the hearts of our children, and she is a living example of love and virtue for our baby girl to follow.  Unlike Grandma Hoyt, Auntie Sarah is here to hold and cuddle our baby.

We are thankful for the good examples in our lives and particularly within our families that inspire us to do good and be better.  Baby Marion has a name that carries a legacy to live up to!

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