Saturday, June 30, 2012

Marion's Blessing Day

Since we knew we would have both of our families together for Sarah's wedding weekend, we decided to bless Marion that Sunday while everyone was still there. Skye gave Marion a beautiful blessing. Grandma (Maureen) made Marion's dress and it was amazing. Thank you Grandma for all of your time and effort and LOVE. 

Grandpa and Grandma
All of the men in the blessing circle.
Our family of FIVE!
Kisses from daddy. I love the lace on her dress... 
 Grandma did such a wonderful job on her dress. I LOVE the smocking...


 Thank you Sheyanne for taking all of these pictures!

Sarah and Brolin - Burns Reception

Sarah and Brolin's wedding was on a Friday night in Portland. They were having their reception the next night in Burns, so we (Mom, Dad, Granddad Phil, Aunt Connie, Justin, Rachel, Grandma, Spencer, Sam, and us) decided to drive as far as we could Friday night. We left the wedding and drove for a while, then stopped at a Thai restaurant for dinner and changed our clothes (mostly in the parking lot) and got back on the road. Finally, at maybe 1am we checked into a hotel to rest for a bit. Justin and Rachel were the lucky couple that got to sleep in the same room as Skye, baby, and me. Luckily, Marion wasn't too loud when she got up to feed. 

When we got to Burns, Skye and Andy took Dad, Aunt Connie, and Granddad Phil on a tour of the ranch, while the rest of us rested and got ready for the reception.

Their reception was at the same place that Skye and my reception was 5 years earlier :)

This reception was quite the party with lots of food, people, and DANCING.
Siblings...we had a lot of fun on the dance floor together.

Mom and dad talking to Brolin's cousin
Shey and Jana
Rachel and I eating and getting things ready for the toast.

Brolin's dad and Uncle are in a band and they provided the music for the night. It was great and Sam even joined in on the drums for a few songs.

With her Daddy

Bryce was especially obsessed with Sarah in her "white dress". He thought she was such a princess. He really wanted to dance with her and was being shy about it. He got his chance (maybe a few times) and LOVED it. This picture is of Sarah and Brolin dancing with some other kids.
Brolin's mom and aunt

Sarah and Brolin - Traveling to the Wedding

Marion went on her first flight at one month old. We decided to have Grandma, Marion, and I fly to the wedding, instead of drive. Marion did great and slept for most of the flight.
Skye, Mom, Bryce, and Brandon drove from Boise to the wedding. Thanks Mom! They stopped at Multnomah Falls on their way to Portland.

Aunt Connie and Granddad Phil meeting Marion for the first time.
Marion meeting her Uncle Sam. He loves her and she loves him :)

Friday, June 29, 2012

Sarah and Brolin Johnson

On April 13th my sister Sarah and her husband Brolin were married in the Portland Oregon Temple.  It was a full weekend, but very uplifting.  Most of all, it was great to spend time with family and friends.  Brolin is from Burns, which is where Skye is from, so there were a lot of familiar faces throughout the weekend.  Skye grew up with Brolin and we all know the family well, which made it even more special.  There were some great pictures taken over the course of the weekend.  This posting captures the wedding day!

With the grandparents from our side of the family
Our boys were pretty enamored by their Auntie Sarah - especially Bryce! 

The sun shined nearly all day, which is quite a blessing considering they were married in Portland, Oregon on a spring day.  It was a beautiful day!
The boys...

The girls...

Aunt Connie was our lifesaver with baby girl (Marion was exactly one month old on the wedding day).  Marion really took to Connie and I think the opposite was also true. 
Getting ready for the sealing.
My boys all dressed up for the special occasion
The little guys could only take so much "wedding" preparation.  Skye's i-phone did the trick of distracting them while everyone else was getting ready.
Playing in the rain...
Sabrina took pictures as they came out of the temple.  I love how all of my brothers look so serious in this picture below and Sabrina was the only one smiling.
The happy couple.  We are so proud of them and happy for them!