Saturday, May 12, 2012

Nona's Visit

My mama came to town when Marion was 3 weeks old and helped me out a ton. It was so great having her dote on the kids and let me catch up a bit on sleep! She quickly fell in love with her first granddaughter and enjoyed a lot of cuddle time with her. Bryce and Brandon enjoyed going on walks, playing legos, riding bikes, reading books, getting fast food and ice cream, and picking out toys/treats at the store. Mom and I went for some long walks (with Marion in the stroller) either in the morning or at night in some beautiful weather. Mom also endured hours of dress shopping with me, while I searched for a dress to wear to Sarah's wedding.  

I hadn't dared to venture out on my own yet with three kids, but little Brandon quickly changed that. I was in the car with the three kids while mom ran into a store to pick up a prescription for grandma. A few minutes after mom left to go inside the store, Brandon said, "I gotta go potty NOW mom!" After not being able to convince him to hold it, I grabbed a nearby shopping cart and corralled the kids. I was trying to boost them from the car to the cart without lifting them because I was still not supposed to lift anything after the c-section. Well, we made it and I wanted to document it!

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  1. I bet that was quite the adventure to the bathroom. Love your family! It's always nice when Mom's come to help with babies :-)