Saturday, May 12, 2012

Nona's Visit

My mama came to town when Marion was 3 weeks old and helped me out a ton. It was so great having her dote on the kids and let me catch up a bit on sleep! She quickly fell in love with her first granddaughter and enjoyed a lot of cuddle time with her. Bryce and Brandon enjoyed going on walks, playing legos, riding bikes, reading books, getting fast food and ice cream, and picking out toys/treats at the store. Mom and I went for some long walks (with Marion in the stroller) either in the morning or at night in some beautiful weather. Mom also endured hours of dress shopping with me, while I searched for a dress to wear to Sarah's wedding.  

I hadn't dared to venture out on my own yet with three kids, but little Brandon quickly changed that. I was in the car with the three kids while mom ran into a store to pick up a prescription for grandma. A few minutes after mom left to go inside the store, Brandon said, "I gotta go potty NOW mom!" After not being able to convince him to hold it, I grabbed a nearby shopping cart and corralled the kids. I was trying to boost them from the car to the cart without lifting them because I was still not supposed to lift anything after the c-section. Well, we made it and I wanted to document it!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was Marion and my first Sunday back to church since she was born. She did great. She slept for most of it. I took a few pictures of Brandon and Marion before church just in case we didn't get any pictures of the family after church. Good thing I did because Skye and the boys were out of their church clothes before I snapped any pictures of the fam.

The newest big brother. Brandon will be the first to tell you that he is now a big brother. He loves his little sister and always wants to give her loves.

Four generations
Maureen, Fiona, Becca, Marion :)

Monday, May 7, 2012

A Little Bit of This and That

Grandma fed Marion her first bottle when Marion was about two weeks old. She had no problem downing it! I have been trying to pump and give Marion bottles at least every few days, so that she doesn't have such a shock when I go back to work ;( ...still not ready to think about that... 
Brandon thought it was special to feed little sister a bottle.
And the little trickster tried to balance the worked!
We have a new tradition of Marion snuggle time before bed. Bryce and Brandon argue over who gets her first and for how long. I put her in bed with each one for a few minutes while I sing songs or tell stories. The boys thought it would be funny to all be in the same bed for this picture and pretend to sleep.
Bryce, especially, loves to hold his little sister. What he REALLY wants to do is pick her up and walk around the house with her because he's "so big" and "so strong". He will be watching a movie or cartoons or just sitting around and he will ask to hold Marion. He doesn't really want to talk to her or do anything; he just wants her there. We hear a lot of "mom, let go" or "you don't have to hold her" or "move your hand"when we let Bryce hold baby girl. ;) 
Brandon has become more independent and more needy since new baby has joined our family; it's a interesting combination. He has started to care more about picking out his clothes and putting them on by himself, but at the same time his new response to the easiest requests (pick up that lego, get your jammies on") is "I can't, you do it".
shirt and jeans on backwards and the glorious rainboots
With extra time on their hands while I'm nursing every few hours, the boys have both watched a lot more movies and TV, as well as come up with some creative things to do together. Brandon's smooshed straight face in this picture cracks me up. The boys came to me in this attire and asked if we could go swimming (when it was 60 degrees outside)

Bath time! (Marion's first bath in the tub). Not too long ago it was Brandon in the baby bath!
Sunday walks/bike rides
Dallas came to visit Marion.
Marion after bath time with her very own hooded towel from Grandma Alice.
 And, sweet dreams making her smile.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Our Little Angel

Sabrina and Mason came to see Marion when she was a week and a half. They drove with Jana to bring Bryce and Brandon home after their trip to Burns. While they were all here, Sabrina took some beautiful pictures of baby Marion.

They LOVE their baby sister!

 Proud big brothers

 Marion has the cutest Aunties!
 Sabrina and baby girl! Thanks Sabrina!!