Thursday, April 19, 2012

I Would Say They Had a Good Time

Bryce and Brandon's trip to Burns...
The Band
 Mohawks by Aunt Shey
 Haircuts by Aunt Sheryden

 DQ Dilly Bars

 Feeding calves

 Bryce's reading lesson
 Balen had RSV...poor baby! Talk about a busy week plus having to go in and out of the hospital :(
 Aunt Sarah took the boys to the Burns' Preschool playgroup with Kira and Jaiden. Then, they went back to the Johnson's house and rode 4-wheelers, jumped on the tramp, played on hay bails, fed cows and pigs and baby chicks, and had a wrestling match with pillows.

After this trip, it was decided that Grandma needs to invest in some boy dress-up clothes, especially since she has four grandsons and one on the way!

On their trip back home to us.

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