Thursday, April 19, 2012

Coming Home From the Hospital

We went to the hospital on a Tuesday morning and came home on a Thursday afternoon. Bryce and Brandon left for Burns with Grandma, Sheryden, and Balen on Thursday before we left the hospital. I welcomed the idea of the boys going to Burns all throughout the end of my pregnancy, but then got a little worried once I was in the hospital after Marion was born. Being sleep-deprived and emotional, I worried about having the boys gone for a week and a half and then brought back to a house with a new baby. I worried about prolonging the transition of having three kids in our home for the boys' sake and for baby and for me! Skye assured me that it would be fine and that I needed the bonding and recovery time. 

Now that I am on the other side of that trip, I can definitely say it was the BEST decision and help ever! Marion and I had lots of one-on-one time, the boys had a BLAST in Burns, and we all were more happy to see each other after being apart.

Brandon, Balen, and Bryce ready to go to the hospital to say goodbye

 Look who found her thumb in the hospital...and eye, ha. I love those long fingers.

 All ready to head home...

 Safe and sound at home :)

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