Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Our Tan Baby

When we left the hospital with Marion her bilirubin level was fine, but the nurse and doctor told us to keep an eye on her skin color for jaundice. On the Sunday after she was born, she started to look more and more "tan"; also, the whites of her eyes were tinted yellow. We went to Marion's first doctor's appointment and all went well, but the doctor was also worried about her coloring.

 He sent us right away to get Marion's bilirubin level tested just to be sure that she was okay. Poor little girl was so peaceful and had no idea she was about to get poked. Being only six day since giving birth, I was an emotional wreck. She did a great job and we headed home to wait for a call from the doctor. Before we even got home, the doctor called and said her level was 19.9 (he wanted it around 10, but definitely lower than 15) told us to go back to the hospital and check in to the pediatric ward. I asked "when" and he said "right now."
  I called Skye bawling, quickly went home and packed an overnight bag for me and baby, and checked into the hospital. It was a blessing that the boys were taken care of in Burns and that Grandma was here driving me around and giving me moral support. Grandma and I couldn't stand to watch when the nurses put an IV in little baby's hand and had to go into the hallway because we were both crying and couldn't stand hearing baby cry. The nurses amaze me with their talent to be able to get an IV into a tiny baby. Skye came to the hospital after work and gave Marion and I blessings and then, headed out of town for a work trip. I was only allowed to take Marion out of the lights to nurse her (and held a biliblanket underneath her while she fed). Her bilirubin level went down every few hours and we were so grateful for that good trend. We were able to go home after a couple of days in the hospital. 
 When we were home, we took advantage of the sunshine to try to help get rid of the jaundice. 

 Marion's levels went up and down for another few weeks and we went on mini roller coasters each week going in and out of the hospital to get her levels checked, using a biliblanket at home, doing a 24 hour formula-only period, trying to decide whether to continue nursing or not (we decided to stick with it and I'm so glad we did), etc. We were finally in the clear a week ago when she was five weeks. 
Marion sunbathing on a beautiful quilt made for her by Grandma Maureen
Looking back, all went well and Marion is just fine, but I wanted to document some of what I felt at the time. I do think that overall the experience helped me and baby girl bond because I was constantly keeping track of her feedings, diapers, sleep habits, and it helped me cherish the nursing and snuggling moments even more. :)

Sunday, April 22, 2012


The weekend after Marion was born, Sarah came to visit. She was a great help and quickly fell in love with her niece. She even took Marion for a night and brought her to me when she needed to feed.

I love our swaddled little peanut

Many people have commented on how Marion looks like Brandon. After taking this picture of Marion, it reminded me of the next picture of Brandon when he was a baby.
Aunt Teri and her dad, Adam, Brittany, and Cyrus also came to visit baby girl. We love visitors!  

Loving the yawns...
and stretches...

And, I wanted to throw in this picture of Marion's first St. Patrick's Day!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Newborn Photos

Shelby came down from McCall and took some cute pictures of little Marion when she was four days old. 

Marion with Aunt Shelby

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I Would Say They Had a Good Time

Bryce and Brandon's trip to Burns...
The Band
 Mohawks by Aunt Shey
 Haircuts by Aunt Sheryden

 DQ Dilly Bars

 Feeding calves

 Bryce's reading lesson
 Balen had RSV...poor baby! Talk about a busy week plus having to go in and out of the hospital :(
 Aunt Sarah took the boys to the Burns' Preschool playgroup with Kira and Jaiden. Then, they went back to the Johnson's house and rode 4-wheelers, jumped on the tramp, played on hay bails, fed cows and pigs and baby chicks, and had a wrestling match with pillows.

After this trip, it was decided that Grandma needs to invest in some boy dress-up clothes, especially since she has four grandsons and one on the way!

On their trip back home to us.