Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pictures from the hospital

Sleeping peacefully. We had to put a bow in her "hair".

I caught a yawn! Also, my wonderful husband painted my toenails a few days before having Marion and whenever anyone commented on my pink toes I made sure to tell them that Skye painted them. By the time we left the hospital, there was a list of nurses who requested that he do theirs, haha.
Beautiful eyes wide open
Playing dress-up in the hospital with Grandma Jana and Aunt Sheryden

Daddy-daughter moments

Balen was the first cousin that Marion met.
Flowers sent from the boys' preschool
My little girl
Meeting baby Lincoln born 1.5 weeks earlier than Marion

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  1. Becca she is so stinkin cute! Love her little dress up clothes :-) Looks like she's gonna have Daddy wrapped around her little finger!