Friday, March 30, 2012

Family Time

The boys were leaving a few days after Marion was born to go to Grandma and Grandpa's house for over a week, so we decided to have a bit of family time at the hospital the night before they left. Skye, Grandma, Bryce, and Brandon drove to the hospital to be with Marion and me.

My sweet nurse offered to braid my hair when I told her I was too tired to blow dry it after my shower. :)
The boys brought the movie "Homeward Bound" and Bryce and I were enjoying it, but we learned that the speakers were on my hospital bed, so that's why we could hear so well.
Skye and Brandon couldn't hear the movie, so they played on Skye's phone... 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pictures from the hospital

Sleeping peacefully. We had to put a bow in her "hair".

I caught a yawn! Also, my wonderful husband painted my toenails a few days before having Marion and whenever anyone commented on my pink toes I made sure to tell them that Skye painted them. By the time we left the hospital, there was a list of nurses who requested that he do theirs, haha.
Beautiful eyes wide open
Playing dress-up in the hospital with Grandma Jana and Aunt Sheryden

Daddy-daughter moments

Balen was the first cousin that Marion met.
Flowers sent from the boys' preschool
My little girl
Meeting baby Lincoln born 1.5 weeks earlier than Marion

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Marion's Arrival

Marion is now two weeks (and one day) old and we are all very much in love with her. She is a joy and I am amazed how quickly a little baby can come into your life and you feel that they have always been a part of your family. 

We had a scheduled c-section (since both Bryce and Brandon were c-sections) for March 13th and we made it to that date.  Skye's mom, sister, and grandma drove in the night before, so that they could be here when Marion arrived. Skye and I checked into the hospital at 6am to prep for the 7:30am surgery time.

Marion was born at 7:43am and Skye made sure to confirm that she was a girl when she came out. We were surprised that she weighed 7 lbs even after having an 8 lb. 2 oz. and a 9 lb. 2 oz. baby. She is our petite little girl compared to her brothers.
Skye cut the umbilical cord.

 Skye and I kept saying that we were just so happy and felt so much love for our sweet little angel. 
 One happy mama
 One proud daddy
 Marion with her Grandma
 Grandma Root......we were so glad that she came!

Grandma...who has been praying for a great granddaughter for a few years now...holding our bundle of joy. 

 Grandma kisses
 Aunt Sheryden

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Marion Elizabeth Root!!

7 lbs and 20 1/4 in., healthy and happy, born at 7:43 AM March 13th at St. Luke's Hospital in downtown Boise, more to come when Becca is actually doing the blogging rather than laying in a hospital bed. I'm not the "official" blogger person....

And then there were five....the boys are pretty darn excited to have a little sister!