Friday, February 3, 2012

Some January Pics and Last Night Bubbles






1. playing at the park on martin luther king, jr. day
2. snowman on first snow day!
3. & 4. brandon making a "snow dinner"
5. sick boys creating a new use for their medicine droppers


And then, on to last night... I put the boys in the bath after dinner and went to clean up the kitchen. They wanted some bubbles, so I added a little bit of bubble bath to their bath water. I could hear them talking and  playing in the bath and was able to sweep the whole kitchen and dining area without hearing any arguing, yelling, pounding, or loud splashing. I though that was a good sign. I went in to check on them and found this... 
 The before-full bubble bath container above was empty. 
 pink bubble bath
 Thanks Grandma Root for the bubbles!

They managed to keep it all in the bath, so that was nice. I drained what I could out of the bath and had them shower the rest of the bubbles off their bodies. 

Then, we went downstairs, got jammies on, and went to use the bathroom downstairs. Bryce opened the toilet and it was filled with bubbles! ha! He started crying and I asked him what was wrong and he said, "I'm scared. I don't want it to flood." I tried to tell him it was fine and that we'd just flush the bubbles away, but he continued to get more worried and said, "let's wait until daddy comes home, so he can fix it" and "oh, we shouldn't have done that. Mom, you should not have left the soap where I could get it." :) it was high on a rack by the shower head. Bryce was so concerned and I was trying to comfort him, but at the same time couldn't help but drag out the situation and say things like, "Good thing I know how to swim, in case the house floods." He didn't like that. 

Brandon decided to step up and flush the toilet and down went the bubbles and that was that. Too funny! I love my boys and can't wait to add baby girl to the fam next month. She has a party waiting for her.