Sunday, January 15, 2012

5 Years!

January 13

We celebrated our 5 year anniversary! Bryce and Brandon helped me make a cake to celebrate. We made it the night before our anniversary, since I knew I wouldn't have time to whip it up after work the next day. We put the cake in the oven and then Skye and I put the kids to bed. When the cake was baked and prepared, Skye and I decided we didn't want to wait and ate a piece right then and there. :)  

Happy Anniversary to my love!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Our Little Sunbeam

Bryce has been anticipating going into Sunbeams for a few months now and today was his big day! He was so excited and did really well in his "big kid" class. I peeked in the primary room and saw him sitting still in his chair with his eyes glued on whatever activity was being done in the front of the room. He got to go to the front and help with something and enjoyed that. He has about 13 kids from nursery all going into Sunbeams this year with him, so that is nice to have some familiar faces.

Bryce with his scriptures ready to go to church 
After his first day in Sunbeams. he was so proud of himself and we are, too!

Fun times at the Babysitter's...

These pictures are from July through now of some happenings with the boys' amazing babysitter.

The three stooges climbed up to the pantry shelf where the donuts were and sneakily ate almost the entire box!
Brandon, Gage, and Bryce

The firemen came to Bryce and Brandon's preschool on the day that they're not in school, so Stephanie took them and Gage.

They love DQ!

We are so grateful that they have such an awesome family to play with each day!!! Picture time after raking leaves...

Pictures from Summer...

These are some pictures from the summer that I got from our friends. I think this was in August...
Bryce and his boots...
Searching for frogs

And, this nap time picture cracks me up. Good timing, boys!

Christmas 2011 in Burns

Cousins picture with their youngest aunties. This picture will be a lot different next Christmas after we add three babies this year! :)
 Christmas Eve at the Paramores:

 Christmas Day:

 We used Sayge and Shaylee's dress-up clothes to re-enact the nativity scene. The boys were wise men, of course!
 Me and my kiddos after church on Christmas day
 Andy, Skye, and I went for a drive around the ranch Christmas afternoon. Andy stopped the pick-up and jumped out when we passed this frozen pond. He walked right out to the very middle; I was a lot more cautious. It was a beautiful day!