Friday, December 9, 2011

Thanksgiving Part 2: Hanging Out

It was nice not having a packed agenda and being able to just hang around the ranch. 

These kiddos got new matching Christmas jammies from Grandma. 
Jana and I decided to do our version of Black Friday shopping...Burns Style. We started with lunch at the Chinese restaurant around noon and then, shopped at three of our favorite stores, which are within a few doors of each other on Burn's main street. :) I really liked this way of Black Friday shopping...sleep food...and a few hours of shopping. ha.

We had lunch with some of the Johnson girlies. Me, Kira, Selene, Nichole, Sayge, and Shaylee.
While the girls were shopping, the boys were hanging with dad and Grandpa, of course. They went out to lunch and Bryce even got to drive the squeeze with Grandpa.
This is what happens when you spend an afternoon working on the ranch...
My pictures are out of order, but Andy, Skye, Spencer, Sayge, Shaylee, Bryce, and Brandon all went shooting.
I'm pretty sure this was a first for my boys...actually holding the gun!
We got to see Ty and Heather and their new baby BOY, Treyson! He is precious and we're so glad it worked out for us to see each other in Burns over the holiday.
Everyone got their turn with baby...
We made our annual Thanksgiving turkeys. We had to be creative because I couldn't find any candy corn in the stores when I went to buy some last minute. So, we made oreo cookie turkeys with fruit loop feathers.
Sheryden and Jeff went to Jeff's family's house for Thanksgiving, but luckily we got to see them on both ends of our trip on Wednesday and Saturday nights. Our real reason of not wanting to completely miss them while we were in Burns was to love on this guy. :) Balen is such a happy, sweet baby and we loved spending some time with him.
Andy and Jana put the boys to bed for us and let us go out to the Burns movie theater one night. 
Me, Skye, Spencer, Shey and our movie snack :) 
Every night was a sleepover and Brandon even joined in a few nights this time. Shaylee was the night owl and had to pretend to be asleep when Skye and I snuck in her room to take these pictures.
 Also, Spencer and Sheyanne joined the Paramore family tradition of going up in the mountains and cutting down their Christmas tree. I'm glad Spencer got a taste of the forest and got to play in the snow up there. They had a bonfire, ate yummy food, rode four-wheelers, and rode sleds. He had a TON of fun, except for wearing his normal, non-waterproof shoes and coming home with wet, frozen shoes and feet. :)
Rivka and Sheyanne

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