Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Picture to Santa

A couple days after we got back from John and Bethany's house, I was asking the boys what they asked Santa for and Brandon said a pink scooter and a pink ball. (Not sure where the pink came from?) Then, Bryce got frustrated and said he wanted to ask for a scooter, but forgot. So, I told Bryce that he could write a letter to Santa and we could mail it. So, he drew a picture. I was so impressed by his scooter that he drew all by himself that I took out my phone and took this picture.
While Bryce and I were at the table, I asked Brandon to go brush his teeth. I was being lazy and didn't want to get up, so I just sat next to Bryce while he colored. The bathroom is right by us, so we heard the water running and a few thuds and no noise from Brandon, so that made us suspicious, but I was determined to sit for a while and refused to see what Brandon was up to. Bryce even offered a few times, "Mom, I'll go see what Brandon is doing." I just kept telling him "No. Just keep drawing", as if not knowing what was going on would make it any better. Bryce finally went and checked on Brandon and yelled, "MOM! Brandon is washing his hair with soap!" We love our little two-year-old :)

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