Friday, December 16, 2011

Downtown Santa

Also on Saturday, Bryce, Brandon and I went downtown to meet Skye at his office, after he had been studying all morning. When we were walking to his building, guess who we saw? Santa! He was sitting in a nearby bank. We peeked through the window and the boys got excited. We went to Skye's office and had a few snacks (the boys favorite thing about dad's work), then went back to visit Santa. Both Bryce and Brandon wouldn't go up to him by themselves, but Brandon was fine, as long as we walked him up to Santa's lap. Bryce was a little more shy, but he still wanted to go up to him. After all, he now had the chance to tell Santa that he really wanted a scooter!    

Santa and my three boys :)
Merry Christmas!!! We have been loving all of the holiday festivities. 

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