Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Book and Nativity

Papa and Nona sent us a few Christmas packages that arrived on Saturday and they were labeled with "OPEN BEFORE CHRISTMAS" and "OPEN ON CHRISTMAS". So, we opened the before Christmas boxes right away. Bryce and Brandon got a Christmas book and Nativity set. Skye and I got some cute ornaments for our tree and a yummy wassail drink mix. 

The Christmas book is a seek and find book and is perfect for Bryce's age. He loves looking for the hidden pictures all by himself.

The kid's nativity set is a HUGE hit! What a great idea to have a nativity that the kids can actually play with. We set up our nice nativity set (with fragile pieces) a week ago and Bryce and Brandon loved helping set it up, but we had to monitor them closely to make sure they were gentle and not clanging any pieces together. They have enjoyed playing with their very own nativity, and it's been funny to see their very different ideas of how it should be set-up.  
Bryce carefully and thoughtfully set up the scene with the Angel on top of the stable and Mary and Joseph by baby Jesus's side, etc. Then, Brandon came along and decided the Angel did not belong on top of the stable and that only Mary or one of the wise men could be up there, and that Joseph wanted to ride the camel and the rest of the animals wanted to prance around our living room in Brandon's arms. 

Poor Bryce had quite the time coping with this and would just flip out when the Angel was not on the top. We had a talk about how these are toys and it's okay to play with the pieces, and that it's okay if Brandon wants to play one way and you another. Bryce eventually loosened up and did a little more playing instead of getting frustrated that everything wasn't perfect, haha. And, he even decided that it was pretty cool to have Joseph balanced on top of the camel.  

Thanks Nona and Papa! We love our new gifts.

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