Wednesday, November 16, 2011

YMCA Halloween Carnival

 10-28 When dad and Bryce went to Burns, Brandon and I went to the YMCA Halloween Carnival with a few friends. We have been doing a babysitting co-op and tonight was our night to host the "kid's party". I made chocolate chip pancakes and one heart-shaped pancake (Lila loved it) for the kids to eat on the way to the carnival. It was a really healthy night :) I had three car seats lined up in the back of the pick-up, since Skye had taken the larger vehicle to Burns.
Lila, Carlee, and Brandon
Ready to go with my fireman, princess, and pirate (Lila insisted that she was a pirate).
 There were quite a few people there and a lot of activities. However, the lines were long. I thought this might be a problem with three little ones, but they didn't even seem to notice we were waiting. They were too busy checking out the costumes and watching all of the commotion. There was fishing, pumpkin bowling, face painting, and food and candy.

 I asked if anyone wanted to get their face painted and Lila said "no" right away. Little Carlee, however, wanted a butterfly on her hand. She was so cute to specify it just like that. Then, Brandon decided the paint on the hand was a good idea, so he naturally asked for a "basketball" and a "hoop". Such decisive little ones.

  They even handed out meals for everyone. The girls did a pretty good job eating some of their sandwiches....
 Brandon, however, went straight for the cookie and chips!

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