Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Uncle Justin and Aunt Rachel Visit

Justin and Rachel just left this morning and we had a great time with them! I love my brother and he married an amazing girl! They are spending Thanksgiving with Rachel's family in Washington and they worked out their tickets to come see us first. We're so glad they did. 

They flew into Boise Saturday night. After we picked them up from the airport, we rushed home to eat some tacos and head to the Steelheads hockey game. It was the first hockey game we have been to for all of us, except Skye and Justin. We had a good time, but got a little antsy when the boys kept wanting to walk around and we were sitting right next to some very steep, concrete stairs. We decided to leave early and get some frozen yogurt downtown. We were all exhausted when we got home, but still managed to stay up way too late laughing and talking.

On Sunday, the boys woke up at their normal, early time. Rachel and Justin attempted to sleep in, but it didn't last too long after Skye sent Brandon to their room to wake them up. He stood at their door yelling "Justin and Raaaaaaaachel" over and over. 

We decided to take advantage of having family at our house and set up the Christmas tree together. We listened to great music, decorated, and ate Grandma's yummy buttermilk pancake breakfast. Then, we went to church, played lots of hide 'n seek and toys, read books, and finished the night at Skye's Hymns of Thanksgiving choir performance.

Grandma had the wonderful idea of having an early Thanksgiving dinner, since we will all be apart for Thanksgiving day. So, on Monday night, we had turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, broccolli, cranberry jello salad, and pumpkin pie with cream!  

This turned out being a going-away dinner for grandma, too, because she also left this morning to go to Texas for a couple of months. :( :( We're glad she'll get a break from two toddlers and a pregnant lady, but we will miss her! The boys said they will miss her taking them to DQ for ice cream, watching Dora and Diego with them, snuggling with them in her bed, letting them cook with her, making chocolate chip pancakes, kissing them on their ears, drying between their toes, and playing games with them.  

We did cheers with our sparkling cider and each went around and said something we are thankful for. Rachel had just learned that she was accepted into an internship program in Washington DC for next summer and announced it to us as what she was thankful for! We are so excited for her!!!  

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