Monday, November 14, 2011

Lucky Peak

10-22 Skye has been studying on Saturday mornings, so the boys and I hang out in the morning and then, we usually do something as a family in the afternoon and/or at night (even if it's just mowing the lawn or playing toys at home). 

Skye has a co-worker who competes in bike races, so Skye thought it would be fun to go as a family and watch him in the afternoon. Right before we left the house to meet up with Skye at his office, Brandon was really tired and ready for a nap, so I asked him if he wanted to go or stay home with Grandma (thinking he would definitely want to come). He said he wanted to stay home with Grandma! So, Bryce got a little one-on-one with mom and dad. 

We went to where we thought the bike race was, and there was no one there. We went to the wrong location. So, we decided to just have some fun. We drove a little farther to Lucky Peak and hiked down to the water. It was a nice day and Bryce loved digging in the dirt.

And, just for fun, this was taken shortly after we got home. Brandon's new thing is to rush out the door whenever the pick-up pulls in (usually that means daddy's home) and climb to the top of it. haha! He's so funny. He does it so quickly and then, we coax him down.

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