Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kids Party

We had the kid's party at our house a week and a half ago and decided to make hand print turkeys and caramel apples. Skye helped the kids think of what they were grateful for and it was pretty funny.  
Brandon's at the stage where he copies what others say and also just says whatever he can see. Dad helped him with his. After I read his back to him, he told me that he said seagulls, not scissors. 
Bryce came up with his own right away and insisted on being thankful for "ostriches"...twice??
After our thankful turkeys, we made caramel apples. It was our first time ever doing them and it was a success. We first let the kids pick out their apple and choose white or dark chocolate and any toppings that they wanted. We had oreo cookies, butterfinger, reeses peanut butter cups, peanuts, graham crackers, and cinnamon sugar. Bryce ate a bite out of one of the apples before we even began :) 

They turned out really yummy and we even made an apple pie caramel apple mimicking one we've had in McCall! We dipped the apple in caramel, then white chocolate, graham cracker, and cinnamon sugar.

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