Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

10/28 Skye is not usually a spontaneous person. He is a planner. So, when he sent me an e-mail on the Friday afternoon of his dad's birthday and said he really wished he could be there for his dad's 50th birthday dinner, I was all about the surprise. We figured that we had to leave work right away, if he was going to drive to Burns in time for the dinner, so we got our work wrapped up and left early. 

We decided on our way to pick up the boys that it would be fun for just Skye and Bryce to go. Skye told his sister, Sheyanne, that they were coming, but had her keep it a secret. We picked up Bryce and Brandon from the babysitter, threw some clothes in a bag for Bryce, and they were on their way.

When they got to the restaurant where everyone was, Skye said it was a surprise for sure. He said when Grandma saw Bryce, she may have even shed a tear. Yea for birthdays and surprises!!!

Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

They spent the night and Bryce enjoyed riding the Razor, playing with toys, riding bikes, and just being with Sayge and Shaylee. Thanks for the fun weekend, Grandma!

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