Tuesday, November 22, 2011


On Saturday, we went to watch Skye's co-workers, Cory and Jason, compete in the Idaho Cyclocross State Championships.   Our last attempt to watch Cory race didn't work out, so we were glad to make it to this one! It was freezing cold, but the event was really cool to watch. The course was set up all around us, so we got to see the bikers pass us every few minutes. They had to bike through hills and bumps and sand pits. We even saw a few wrecks in the sand pit, as one bike would get stuck and another bike behind would come up and collide with the first. I know this should not be something that we find funny or entertaining, but it was both. Bryce and I especially kept our eyes on the sand pits!

Mommy and Brandon trying to warm up
Cory raced in the professionals category!
They had a heated tent with a live band, too.
When we got home from the race, our neighbor, Lyn, had just finished raking his leaves. He left out enough for the boys to jump in and they didn't waste any time! They even buried dad.

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