Thursday, November 17, 2011

Boy, Boy, GIRL!

I am 22 weeks pregnant and we found out two weeks ago we are having a GIRL! We are very excited. We had all (us, grandma, both our families) guessed boy. Grandma REALLY wanted a girl, but she just knew we were having a boy. Brandon was the only one who consistently said 'girl' when we asked him. Then, the morning of the ultrasound, I asked Bryce and Brandon if they thought we were having a girl or a boy, and they both guessed 'girl'. So, apparently, they knew what we are having. 

Bryce, Brandon, and Grandma drove downtown to meet me and Skye for the ultrasound. Brandon held my hand a few times and Bryce was very interested in all the machines and gadgets (which got us into a little trouble, but that is later). The plan was for Skye and the boys to leave the ultrasound, as soon as we found out the gender, but the ultrasound tech wouldn't even try to find out the gender until 40 minutes into the ultrasound, so the boys were pretty restless. Everything looked good and baby measured right on track. Then, finally, the tech said "you're having a girl." Skye, Grandma, and I were all in shock and were so happily surprised. I just couldn't stop smiling. Bryce yelled out "I got it", as if he had won a game. I don't think Bryce or Brandon really cared whether they were getting a baby sister or baby brother, they just were happy to guess right.  

I had forgotten that I had my regular doctor's appointment after the ultrasound. My doctor saw us and invited the whole family back to his office because he has a very cool, new 3-D ultrasound machine that he uses on his own. It was much fancier and larger than the machine the tech was using. Baby girl wouldn't cooperate and had her head buried the whole time, but we got to see a little bit of her profile view. 

The boys were really ready to be free at this point, and Skye was balancing keeping them corralled versus actually seeing our baby on the screen. When we were almost done and my doctor was printing some of the pictures, an error message appeared on the computer screen and we look down to see Bryce having just pushed the POWER button. Whoops! Nothing like forcing shut-down on a $100,000+ machine. I looked at the doctor not knowing what to say and just said sorry and Skye went into the hall with the boys. We thought maybe the nice doctor would say it was alright, but instead with a half-smile he looked at Bryce, as he was leaving and said, "You're toast."

Since we had gone into the doctor's office right away, I had not yet gone to the bathroom and peed in a cup (like every appointment). Brandon was not wanting to leave my side, so he came into the bathroom with me. Luckily, he didn't pay attention to me at all, so no little questions from him about what I was doing. I did my sample and set the cup on the sink and before I could even pull my pants up, Brandon walks straight to the sink and says, "I'll dump it", as he pours my little pee sample down the drain! I couldn't help, but laugh at this point! I finished up and told the nurse what happened (the same nurse that was in the room when Bryce shut down the ultrasound machine) and just apologetically said, "I'm sorry. I work down the street. I can come back, if you need me to." Fortunately, she was not worried at all.

Maybe we will re-think taking little kiddos to future ultrasounds, but Bryce's excitement at finding out he was "right" was priceless. We bought pink balloons and took the boys to each of our offices to have them share the news with our co-workers. When we gave the boys their balloons, I asked them, "Now, what does the pink balloon mean?" And Bryce quickly responded, "That we're having a pink baby!" haha. 


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  1. Oh my goodness! That is priceless! I could totally picture it! Congrats!