Sunday, November 13, 2011

Adam and Brittany Back in Idaho

Skye's cousin, Adam, and his wife, Brittany, lived in
Idaho and then, moved to California, and now are back in Idaho! We were able to rent their house in Caldwell when we first moved to Idaho over a year ago until we bought our house that we are in now. We are happy that they are close to us now and enjoyed having them over for dinner. And, they just had a baby boy not that long ago, so we got to meet him for the first time.
Cyrus and Brandon

  Skye and Cyrus
 Bryce was the baby soother that night. Cyrus was crying and Bryce wanted to hold him. I figured it would only last a minute, but Cyrus stopped crying and "sat" with Bryce for a while.
  I'm blaming the quality of the pictures on my camera; it seems to be dying on me. Bryce, Adam, and Skye...
 Happy new daddy!
 So good to see you Adam and Brittany!

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