Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Uncle Justin and Aunt Rachel Visit

Justin and Rachel just left this morning and we had a great time with them! I love my brother and he married an amazing girl! They are spending Thanksgiving with Rachel's family in Washington and they worked out their tickets to come see us first. We're so glad they did. 

They flew into Boise Saturday night. After we picked them up from the airport, we rushed home to eat some tacos and head to the Steelheads hockey game. It was the first hockey game we have been to for all of us, except Skye and Justin. We had a good time, but got a little antsy when the boys kept wanting to walk around and we were sitting right next to some very steep, concrete stairs. We decided to leave early and get some frozen yogurt downtown. We were all exhausted when we got home, but still managed to stay up way too late laughing and talking.

On Sunday, the boys woke up at their normal, early time. Rachel and Justin attempted to sleep in, but it didn't last too long after Skye sent Brandon to their room to wake them up. He stood at their door yelling "Justin and Raaaaaaaachel" over and over. 

We decided to take advantage of having family at our house and set up the Christmas tree together. We listened to great music, decorated, and ate Grandma's yummy buttermilk pancake breakfast. Then, we went to church, played lots of hide 'n seek and toys, read books, and finished the night at Skye's Hymns of Thanksgiving choir performance.

Grandma had the wonderful idea of having an early Thanksgiving dinner, since we will all be apart for Thanksgiving day. So, on Monday night, we had turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, broccolli, cranberry jello salad, and pumpkin pie with cream!  

This turned out being a going-away dinner for grandma, too, because she also left this morning to go to Texas for a couple of months. :( :( We're glad she'll get a break from two toddlers and a pregnant lady, but we will miss her! The boys said they will miss her taking them to DQ for ice cream, watching Dora and Diego with them, snuggling with them in her bed, letting them cook with her, making chocolate chip pancakes, kissing them on their ears, drying between their toes, and playing games with them.  

We did cheers with our sparkling cider and each went around and said something we are thankful for. Rachel had just learned that she was accepted into an internship program in Washington DC for next summer and announced it to us as what she was thankful for! We are so excited for her!!!  


On Saturday, we went to watch Skye's co-workers, Cory and Jason, compete in the Idaho Cyclocross State Championships.   Our last attempt to watch Cory race didn't work out, so we were glad to make it to this one! It was freezing cold, but the event was really cool to watch. The course was set up all around us, so we got to see the bikers pass us every few minutes. They had to bike through hills and bumps and sand pits. We even saw a few wrecks in the sand pit, as one bike would get stuck and another bike behind would come up and collide with the first. I know this should not be something that we find funny or entertaining, but it was both. Bryce and I especially kept our eyes on the sand pits!

Mommy and Brandon trying to warm up
Cory raced in the professionals category!
They had a heated tent with a live band, too.
When we got home from the race, our neighbor, Lyn, had just finished raking his leaves. He left out enough for the boys to jump in and they didn't waste any time! They even buried dad.

Kids Party

We had the kid's party at our house a week and a half ago and decided to make hand print turkeys and caramel apples. Skye helped the kids think of what they were grateful for and it was pretty funny.  
Brandon's at the stage where he copies what others say and also just says whatever he can see. Dad helped him with his. After I read his back to him, he told me that he said seagulls, not scissors. 
Bryce came up with his own right away and insisted on being thankful for "ostriches"...twice??
After our thankful turkeys, we made caramel apples. It was our first time ever doing them and it was a success. We first let the kids pick out their apple and choose white or dark chocolate and any toppings that they wanted. We had oreo cookies, butterfinger, reeses peanut butter cups, peanuts, graham crackers, and cinnamon sugar. Bryce ate a bite out of one of the apples before we even began :) 

They turned out really yummy and we even made an apple pie caramel apple mimicking one we've had in McCall! We dipped the apple in caramel, then white chocolate, graham cracker, and cinnamon sugar.

Downtown Walks and Veterans Day

Skye and I work one block apart in downtown Boise and love working so close to each other. We carpool together and usually meet up at least once a week to go for a walk. Since we work really close to the capitol building, we often walk around it at some point in our route. On Veteran's Day, everyone at work was talking about the date being 11/11/11 and how cool that is. I sent Skye a quick message that morning that said, "so, we should meet and have a kiss at 11:11 on 11/11". He was up for it, so it was a date. haha! 

We met at 11am for our walk and just started walking and talking and I forgot about the whole 11:11 thing, so I was confused why Skye kept looking down at his phone every minute. Good thing he didn't forget. I got my kiss at 11:11:11 on 11/11/11!  

I loved all of the flags at the Capitol building on Veterans Day. I am so grateful for our veterans and for our amazing country!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Pregnancy #3

Since I'm always behind in blogging, I never wrote anything about being pregnant in the first place, so I thought I would tell a little bit about this pregnancy.

I have felt slightly different with this pregnancy than with my boys' pregnancies, so I thought maybe this meant we were having a girl. We convinced ourselves that we were having another boy, and so we were very happy to be surprised when we found out we're having a girl.

I am very blessed during pregnancy. I enjoy being pregnant. This pregnancy has been the same, but the nausea was a little stronger this time around. And, I have had more food aversions and cravings than with either of my boys. I thought maybe this was because I'm on round three, but now I'm thinking that gender had something to do with it.

Fortunately, my strong cravings and nausea went away with the first trimester. I know with Bryce and Brandon, I needed to eat frequently to avoid extreme nausea, but with this pregnancy, I was having to put a cracker in my mouth constantly and figure out which foods to avoid that made me sick.

When I was about 11 weeks, I went to the grocery store and told Skye I was going to buy everything that I had a craving for. I'm trying to remember everything I bought, but it included ruffles cheddar and sour cream chips, mother's animal cookies, pickles, kettle corn popcorn, buttered popcorn, nilla wafers, saltine crackers, and English muffins. I have a sweet tooth all the time, but my cravings mostly were for salty snacks. Skye was getting a little worried for a while there when I would eat chips and cookies on a regular basis because that's what sounded good. I also had a strong craving for Thai food and made Skye take me that day to have some Pad Thai. Luckily, he enjoys Thai food as much as I do.

I am due March 20th, but because I will have a C-section, somewhere around March 14th our little girl will arrive. We had a scheduled C-section at 39 weeks with Bryce because he was breach; he made it until then and I never went into labor. Then, Brandon was a scheduled C-section (no VBACs in Salem) for one week before his due date, but I went into labor three days before that, so he didn't make it to his date. We will see when this little girl decides to come. Bring on the bows and frills!

20 weeks

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Boy, Boy, GIRL!

I am 22 weeks pregnant and we found out two weeks ago we are having a GIRL! We are very excited. We had all (us, grandma, both our families) guessed boy. Grandma REALLY wanted a girl, but she just knew we were having a boy. Brandon was the only one who consistently said 'girl' when we asked him. Then, the morning of the ultrasound, I asked Bryce and Brandon if they thought we were having a girl or a boy, and they both guessed 'girl'. So, apparently, they knew what we are having. 

Bryce, Brandon, and Grandma drove downtown to meet me and Skye for the ultrasound. Brandon held my hand a few times and Bryce was very interested in all the machines and gadgets (which got us into a little trouble, but that is later). The plan was for Skye and the boys to leave the ultrasound, as soon as we found out the gender, but the ultrasound tech wouldn't even try to find out the gender until 40 minutes into the ultrasound, so the boys were pretty restless. Everything looked good and baby measured right on track. Then, finally, the tech said "you're having a girl." Skye, Grandma, and I were all in shock and were so happily surprised. I just couldn't stop smiling. Bryce yelled out "I got it", as if he had won a game. I don't think Bryce or Brandon really cared whether they were getting a baby sister or baby brother, they just were happy to guess right.  

I had forgotten that I had my regular doctor's appointment after the ultrasound. My doctor saw us and invited the whole family back to his office because he has a very cool, new 3-D ultrasound machine that he uses on his own. It was much fancier and larger than the machine the tech was using. Baby girl wouldn't cooperate and had her head buried the whole time, but we got to see a little bit of her profile view. 

The boys were really ready to be free at this point, and Skye was balancing keeping them corralled versus actually seeing our baby on the screen. When we were almost done and my doctor was printing some of the pictures, an error message appeared on the computer screen and we look down to see Bryce having just pushed the POWER button. Whoops! Nothing like forcing shut-down on a $100,000+ machine. I looked at the doctor not knowing what to say and just said sorry and Skye went into the hall with the boys. We thought maybe the nice doctor would say it was alright, but instead with a half-smile he looked at Bryce, as he was leaving and said, "You're toast."

Since we had gone into the doctor's office right away, I had not yet gone to the bathroom and peed in a cup (like every appointment). Brandon was not wanting to leave my side, so he came into the bathroom with me. Luckily, he didn't pay attention to me at all, so no little questions from him about what I was doing. I did my sample and set the cup on the sink and before I could even pull my pants up, Brandon walks straight to the sink and says, "I'll dump it", as he pours my little pee sample down the drain! I couldn't help, but laugh at this point! I finished up and told the nurse what happened (the same nurse that was in the room when Bryce shut down the ultrasound machine) and just apologetically said, "I'm sorry. I work down the street. I can come back, if you need me to." Fortunately, she was not worried at all.

Maybe we will re-think taking little kiddos to future ultrasounds, but Bryce's excitement at finding out he was "right" was priceless. We bought pink balloons and took the boys to each of our offices to have them share the news with our co-workers. When we gave the boys their balloons, I asked them, "Now, what does the pink balloon mean?" And Bryce quickly responded, "That we're having a pink baby!" haha. 


Brandon and Basketball

He loves it!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Trick-or-Treat from a Family of Firemen

10-29 We went to our church Halloween Carnival and Trunk-or-Treat and had a lot of fun. We all went as firemen this year!

Here are my firemen boys ready for their candy!

YMCA Halloween Carnival

 10-28 When dad and Bryce went to Burns, Brandon and I went to the YMCA Halloween Carnival with a few friends. We have been doing a babysitting co-op and tonight was our night to host the "kid's party". I made chocolate chip pancakes and one heart-shaped pancake (Lila loved it) for the kids to eat on the way to the carnival. It was a really healthy night :) I had three car seats lined up in the back of the pick-up, since Skye had taken the larger vehicle to Burns.
Lila, Carlee, and Brandon
Ready to go with my fireman, princess, and pirate (Lila insisted that she was a pirate).
 There were quite a few people there and a lot of activities. However, the lines were long. I thought this might be a problem with three little ones, but they didn't even seem to notice we were waiting. They were too busy checking out the costumes and watching all of the commotion. There was fishing, pumpkin bowling, face painting, and food and candy.

 I asked if anyone wanted to get their face painted and Lila said "no" right away. Little Carlee, however, wanted a butterfly on her hand. She was so cute to specify it just like that. Then, Brandon decided the paint on the hand was a good idea, so he naturally asked for a "basketball" and a "hoop". Such decisive little ones.

  They even handed out meals for everyone. The girls did a pretty good job eating some of their sandwiches....
 Brandon, however, went straight for the cookie and chips!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

10/28 Skye is not usually a spontaneous person. He is a planner. So, when he sent me an e-mail on the Friday afternoon of his dad's birthday and said he really wished he could be there for his dad's 50th birthday dinner, I was all about the surprise. We figured that we had to leave work right away, if he was going to drive to Burns in time for the dinner, so we got our work wrapped up and left early. 

We decided on our way to pick up the boys that it would be fun for just Skye and Bryce to go. Skye told his sister, Sheyanne, that they were coming, but had her keep it a secret. We picked up Bryce and Brandon from the babysitter, threw some clothes in a bag for Bryce, and they were on their way.

When they got to the restaurant where everyone was, Skye said it was a surprise for sure. He said when Grandma saw Bryce, she may have even shed a tear. Yea for birthdays and surprises!!!

Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

They spent the night and Bryce enjoyed riding the Razor, playing with toys, riding bikes, and just being with Sayge and Shaylee. Thanks for the fun weekend, Grandma!

Linder Farms

10-27 Our friends Zach and Kara called us and said they were going to Linder Farms and had two extra kid's tickets. I had just walked in the door after picking up the boys from the babysitter. We decided to go, so I quickly made peanut butter and honey sandwiches and grabbed sippy cups of water, and that was dinner. We ate on our way to the farm. When we got there, it turned out the boys were free and it was half-off admission night, so I got in for $1.50...definitely worth it! 

Bryce and Brandon share a love for climbing on anything :)    

(these are all camera phone pics and I don't have the most amazing camera on my phone!)
Zach, Kara, and "baby" Reese (as we still call her) on the hayride
Bryce was determined to not sit on the hay bales, but instead to scoot as close to the edge of the trailer as I would let him. 
We fed animals in the petting zoo. I was really impressed by the animals; they even had a zebra and kangaroo!!!
Warming up by the fire...and this is the famous pirate eye (one eye closed) smile you get from Brandon these days whenever you ask him to smile. 
Brandon, Bryce, and Reese by the fire