Friday, October 14, 2011

Twin Falls Trip

The Boise temple closed in July for a year long remodel so we now have the opportunity of attending the Twin Falls temple instead.  Skye's cousin Heather lives nearby and we were able to stay with their family and make the temple trip into a weekend family trip.  The boys loved playing with cousins Hoyt and Jett.  They went on 4-wheeler rides, horse rides, played in the yard, fought over bikes, and even played a little Nephite/Lamanite dress-up battle.  It was a refreshing weekend and a great trip to the temple.  Thanks for entertaining us for the weekend Ryon and Heather!

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  1. Hey if you want to double your trip time head to Hermiston and we'll go up to the Columbia River Temple together. We'd love visitors at our new house. Maybe you can catch your sister in a sporting event up here too.